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Naturally gluten-free,
naturally delicious.

Corn tortillas are the true OG... They are made using a process called nixtamalisation, which dates back 3500 years! Nixtamalisation involves rehydrating dried maize with lime or wood ash, and then boiling it in the alkaline solution until puffy and soft. The rehydrated corn kernels are then hulled and finely ground into a powder called masa harina. 


That's where we come in; all of our corn tortillas are made to order from masa (dough) we make in small batches using masa harina imported from Mexico. When you order from us, you can guarantee your taco is wrapped in a tortilla that was pressed by hand with love, created specifically for your order, never commercially manufactured.

The perfect tortilla is loaded with savoury natural corn flavour and when cooked at the right temperature, puffs up on the griddle, filling up with a cloud of steam that renders it perfectly soft and pliable. This air pocket ensures the tortilla has a double layer that holds in the delicious contents of your taco without falling apart. Technique is everything!

Our promise is quality

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